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"Shoes are the flrst adult machines we are given to master"

-Nicholson Baker

If the Shoe Fits...

No matter how beautiful a pair of shoes may be, there is nothing to rave about if they don't fit well. In the 1940s, X ray machines were used to help customers select shoes that fit. Fortunately, these machines have been outlawed. Now a customer is on his own to make sure the shoes he tries on will be comfortable inside as well as outside the store, but there are some things you can do to ensure the way a shoe feels when you try it on will feel the same when you get it home.

First, because feet swell during the day, save his shoe buying for the last shopping activity of the day. Shoes that feel fine in the morning may pinch by late afternoon.

Second, because most men have one foot larger than the other, always try on both left and right shoes before buying.

As you may already do upon occasion, to assure that the shoes will match the suit or slacks he will wear them with, and can accommodate the thickness of the intended socks, have him wear both at the time of purchase.
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