Betsy Durkin Matthes

A Few Words About Myself and Why I Wrote This Book

Having appeared in over 100 major television commercials throughout my career as an actress, I have always understood the importance of "dressing for the part". For this reason, fellow actors have often approached me for advice on how to dress for a specific audition. Not long ago Joan Jaffe, a member of the Screen Actors Guild, asked me to do some research for an "On Camera" commercial class she was directing. In the process, I became fascinated with classic men's attire. I also became aware from numerous conversations with women ranging in age from the late teens well into their mid-sixties that it is women who are largely responsible for buying, or assisting in the buying, of men's clothing. At the same time I also found that women were doing this job with a real lack of core knowledge. I found myself hearing the same problems expressed over and over, ranging in scope from, " How do I get him to admit he even needs new things", to "How do I get him out of the house to go shopping in the first place," to "How do I know what things will look the best on him," and once he has bought his new things, "How do I help him to keep his new clothing looking good for the longest amount of time?" It was clear to me that women deserved to have their own down-to-earth, practical source of information, something to guide them through the world of men's classic attire, and a place where they could read experiences shared by other women. And so Dressing the Man You Love: A Woman's Guild to Purchasing, Coordinating, and Caring for His Classic Wardrobe was born. It is my hope that this book will open the door for women to a whole new world of appreciation and love for the clothing worn by the most important men in their lives.

Betsy Durkin Matthes is a lyricist and a former actress; having appeared on Broadway in "Cactus Flower" with Lauren Bacall and in the daytime television drama "Dark Shadows". As a lyricist she has recordings with Cissy Houston, Stephanie Mills, John Parr, and the Manhattans. She lives with her husband Jack in New York City and on Shelter Island, New York.



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