Dressing the Man You Love
By Betsy Durkin Matthes

A well organized, non intimidating resource, "Dressing the Man You Love: A Woman's Guide to Purchasing, Coordinating and Caring for His Classic Wardrobe," pushes aside the curtain marked "for men only" to explore the world of men's time honored fashion.

With sections on: how to assess a man's clothing needs, the best cut of suit for any body type, the right colors for different complexions, surviving the men's department experience, the elements of a quality garment, how to work with salespeople and tailors, as well as simple rules for successfully mixing and matching apparel, this book is an invaluable tool for any woman looking to improve the appearance of the important men in her life.

Also included are "secrets of success" shared by other women with similar challenges as well as an unlimited number of suggestions by the author for preserving his newly acquired assets, including tips for laundering, mending, polishing and storage.

With its abundance of illustrations, an easy system for helping him maintain his look even when she can't be there, as well as an extensive glossary and index, this book provides a one stop guide that is accessible and fun to read.


"This is a great book for helping moms and girl friends to launch the men in their lives into the enduring world of classic men's fashion."

Jorge Ramon, fashion Director Teen People Magazine

"With this engaging and informative book on men's clothing, women can add yet another leaf to their understanding and appreciation of the well-dressed man."

Dr. Virginia Tiger, (Professor of English, Rutgers University)
Author of 
Everywoman, Random House.

"From suits to socks - everything you ever wanted to know about selecting, purchasing and caring for menswear but were afraid to ask.... Both useful and fun: a thorough, well organized primer, with a dash of panache."

Bart LaRose, Head of Production at Vera Wang, and other upscale fashion houses.

"A woman with a passion for the look and feel of beautifully designed, well-constructed men's shoes will find this book illuminating and immensely interesting."

Hank Vogel (E Vogel, Custom Made Shoes & Boots since 1897)




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