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Local author Matthes writes about clothing and the man

“Dressing the man You Love: A Woman’s Guide to Purchasing, Coordinating, and Caring for His Classic Wardrobe,” by local author Betsy Durkin Matthes shows women how to help the men in their lives dress better “ without breaking the bank or heading for divorce court in the process.”

The book will be out June 1 and all interested Islanders are invited to celebrate with the author at a book party and wine tasting at the Onshore restaurant at the Dering Harbor Inn on Saturday, June 3 from 4 to 7 p.m. Sponsored by the publisher, Peter’s Pride and Onshore, there is no charge to attend.

A former Broadway screen and television actress who has appeared in over 100 commercials, Betsy knows the value of “dressing for the part you want.” According to press materials about the book, she became intrigued with the subject of men’s classic clothing, its history and attention to detail while researching material for a course for on-camera actors offered by the Screen Actor’s Guild Conservatory.

Her book covers the subject of men’s classic clothing from head to heel and is illustrated with over 100 original drawings. It includes a glossary, index and tips on how to keep a man’s wardrobe (and a woman’s as well) in good shape.

Some of the things a reader will learn in the book include: from suits to socks, how to tell quality and value; the right styles for different body types; alterations the make sense − and those that don’t; why “cautious” is the word on “casual” Fridays.; how to build a wardrobe from scratch for a new of change of career; and how to assist a color-blind man with mixing and matching everyday selections.

Foreward magazine said in a recent review of the book, “The quirky title and cover belie the wealth of information found within its 280 pages … Matthes’ concise, clear and detailed manner, laced with a touch of humor, is accessible to nearly everyone. “Complete, concise and entertaining” is how AllBooks Review summed up the book.

Author Matthes lives on shelter Island and in new York City with her husband a music writer and arranger who has written the themes for: Monday Night Football,” “The Edge of Night,” and numerous other TV programs and commercials.

“Dressing the man You Love’ is published by Peter’s pride Publishing of Shelter Island and is on sale for $15.95 in local bookstores, on line at or can be purchased directly from Midpoint Trade Books (913-831-2233). More information about the book is available on the Internet at